Our Way to a Better World

Next Level Economics. It is our online platform and it is a mission statement. Here we share our research and the latest insights, having a clear goal in mind. We want our students to become the best professionals in their field. And with our executive and leadership programmes we offer the postgraduate education that will keep you up to date. But this is only part of the curriculum. We believe that every professional needs not only the skills to do the job, but also the qualities and abilities to connect with and act upon values and principles.

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Next Level Economics is simply Decent Economics. More ‘We’ oriented, more long term focused, more inclusive. It is relational economics instead of power economics. And because trust is the corner stone of all relations, it is transparency, consistency, reciprocity and a ‘I truly care’ mentality that are the tools to work with. If we want change, we have to create the conditions and we have to trust each other. Only then we may truly serve society.

If you want change – Build it

If you want community – Trust it

If you want society – Serve it


People, Planet, Profit

We share the same human condition, and we share this planet, our home. As human health depends on planetary health, there is an undeniable urgency to face the reality of climate change and biodiversity loss. It is not about just solving this problem and all will be fine. We have to adapt, adjust and, probably most important, alter and improve our ways. ‘People, Planet, Profit’ is about taking good care of each, and of each other. Honouring interdependency, acting upon the principles of stewardship.


Sustainable Development Goals

There is a roadmap to a better world. In 2015 the Sustainable Development Goals were set by the United Nations. The plan is that the world will have achieved them by 2030. Are we going to get there? Government, business, NGO’s, civil society and academia all have their role to play in moving forward in this ambitious and transformative journey.

The Erasmus School of Economics has a long history and ranks high on the list of best economic schools in Europe. Combining excellence in the scientific realm and a focus on impact, the Erasmus Institute of Business Economics concentrates on good leadership and values-based economics.

Next Level Economics is the wheel of change in motion.

We Trust. We Share. We Build.