Accounting is one of the four core elements from the original discipline of business economics. This discipline consists of two aspects, external reporting and management accounting. Accounting also contains the field of auditing & control. These topics are extensively covered by the operating company ESAA.

External reporting
External reporting concerns the reporting of businesses to their shareholders and other stakeholders. The report usually consists of an annual report from the board of directors and financial statements of the financial activities and situation of the enterprise. The main task of an accountant is to determine whether the annual report presents an accurate image of the assets and liabilities and their composition. Furthermore, the accountant verifies if the annual report is in accordance with the standards of financial reporting.

Management Accounting
Management accounting comprises the collection, analysis and provision of financial-economical information for the benefit of company policy. It concerns all activities related to the internal financial communications. Integrity, ethics and happiness are of significant importance for both the aspect of management accounting as well as external reporting. ESAA provides education and carries out research on these interfaces.

Auditing & Control
Furthermore, ESAA also offers education concerning auditing & control; ranging from IT-auditing to education concerning controlling in public social organisations. On the right-hand side one can find references to web pages which are relevant for this field. By clicking on the button below, you are able to read more about the coherency between the elements from the business economics discipline.

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Enterprise with Accountancy-related activity:

ESAA (Erasmus School of Accounting & Assurance)
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The EHERO institute does research to happiness and provides input for different accountancy-related programs.

The Governance Institute organises programs and masterclasses for supervisory directors and supervisors.