ESAA (Eurac BV)

Erasmus University Rotterdam Accounting, Auditing & Controlling (Eurac) BV is an umbrella organisation for different institutes that operate on the overlapping portion of different topics within the Accounting and Assurance. The biggest one is ESAA.

Erasmus School of Accounting & Assurance (ESAA)
ESAA is a collaboration between the Erasmus School of Economics (ESE) and the Erasmus University Rotterdam Accounting, Auditing & Controlling (Eurac) BV and is in fact the brand name of Eurac. By this collaboration, all education and research in the field of Accounting and Assurance is organised under one umbrella; from the masters of science to post-initial masters and permanent education, from fundamental (doctoral)research to practice-oriented and contract research.


The goal of ESAA is to offering high quality (in Dutch and English) education in the field of Accounting and Assurance.

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Erasmus Governance Institute (EGI)

The Governance Institute organises different programs and masterclasses which support (upcoming) supervisory directors and supervisors in performing their task. Besides that, EGI does applied research on relevant developments in the field of governance.

Alumni of EGI, who have completed the program for supervisory directors and supervisors, can become a member of the Vereniging van Commissarissen en Toezichthouders Erasmus (VCTE).

Erasmus Happiness Economics Research Organization (EHERO)
EHERO is a scientific institute which does research on the topic of happiness. The mission of EHERO is to contribute to more happiness for more people. They try to realize this by offering ‘evidence based knowledge’ about happiness, in order to promote better informed choices in society. This will be on the level of governments, organisations and individuals.

The institute shares its knowledge through advisory projects, education and events. More and more collaborations between EHERO and other institutes arise, to apply the new knowledge about happiness to other fields.

Impact Centre Erasmus (ICE)
ICE uses its scientific knowledge and skills to better handle the realization of its social ambitions by thinking from the perspective of impact, by measuring impact and by navigating impact together with a diverse group of organisations. The Impact Centre also wants to emphasize the importance of measuring impact.

The research is done for organisations, financial institutes, governance, social organisations and partnerships. ICE also takes care of periodical workshops, bootcamps and symposia. ICE wants to consciously connect science and practice with all its activities, and wants to contribute by that to the realization of the social ambitions of organizations and to enlarge their social impact.