The Fiscal Economic Institute (FEI) is a leading centre in research and education. FEI possesses knowledge of a lot of experts in all fields of the economic science. The institute exists of economists and tax specialists, who operate on the interface of economics, tax law and policy practice. Research of FEI can be found in international top publications, magazines, dissertations and policy analyses for government organizations.

Mastercourses and research
The Fiscal Economic Institute organises several MasterCourses at an academic level. The MasterCourses are given in the field of Financial Planning, Real Estate Tax and Human Resources & International Mobility.

FEI does research commissioned by several organizations as well. It releases an annual research report every year in which the scientific presentations of the employees are described.

Regular university research

Besides the post-academic MasterCourses, FEI also offers the fiscal economic specialization on the Erasmus University Rotterdam. The bachelor Fiscal Economics and the master Fiscal Economics are designed by FEI.

FEI BV also offers fiscal education for business economists (Fiscal Entrepreneurship and Fiscal Corporate Law), which exists of the mentioned courses supplemented with Private Law, an introduction course called Tax Law for Business Economists and fiscal courses for controllers.

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