Wat does EIBE do?

The Erasmus Institute for Business Economics is a supporting institute and serves the involved executive operating companies. It is essential that EIBE helps to create synergy between the operating companies, which cover different fields of business economics. EIBE carries out the following activities:

  1. Marketing, communication, projects on business economics
  • Marketing & Communication:

In-depth articles and communication with the ESE
Website as search engine for post-initial education
Distribution of the ideas of EIBE

    • Feasability studies on project level

Currently running:
The development of the Transfer Pricing Institute
IT and Data Science Auditing (ITDSA, on the field of knowledge of EQI and ESAA)
Compliance & Risk Management
Executive program in line with the ideas of EIBE

  1. Assistance, if desired, in the cutting, redesign and renewal of the enterprises

Currently running:
ISAM is being transformed to EMI

  1. Breeding ground for inter-institutional connections (programs)
    • Start-up intitiatives

Erasmus Center for Relational Economics, Values & Leadership (EC-RVL) with amongst others Lans Bovenberg, Bas van Os and Sander van Casteren.
Erasmus Economics Theology Intelligence i.o. (together with Ergonetwerk) with amongst others Paul van Geest, Kees van der Kooi, Harry Commandeur, Lans Bovenberg and Joost Hengstmengel.

    • Scale-up intitiatives

Facilitating applied research for the Erasmus Governance Institute with inter alia Jan Stolker, Lisanne Veter and Jatinder Sidhu.

EIBE covers three steps of the so called Societal Value Valorisation Chain (SVVCⓇ), namely the knowledge work-place, contract research and contract education. Together, they provide for the utilization of knowledge in society. EIBE does not do fundamental research and neither offers initial education. This is the business of the members of the capacity groups in the Erasmus School of Economics.

Education and other services

Research and education

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EIBE serves: