About EIBE

The Erasmus Institute for Business Economics was established on 19 June 2018 as a platform for various enterprises under the EUR-Holding that carry out research, provide education and perform valorisation activities in the field of business economics. EIBE BV aims to initiate and facilitate the cooperation of the enterprises operating in the broad field of business economics. EIBE strives to create a broader view of business economics and to achieve synergy. Furthermore, EIBE fills the gap that exists within business economics in the field of data analysis, ethics & leadership. Introducing these aspects into business economic thinking in particular has the potential to enrich the existing education and research programs unparalleled.

EIBE supports the operating companies with the help of a director and nine student assistants. EIBE has a Supervisory Board that supervises the policies and general course of affairs of EIBE. This Supervisory Board assists the director with advice.


News, background and more

EIBE is also a knowledge platform and intends to post various in-depth articles, background information and interviews. These provide more insight into the reason why EIBE was established and which experts are involved.

Business economists from the field share experiences and reflect the importance of business economics education as offered in Rotterdam. Click on ‘News & Background’ below to view the articles!

News & Background

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