The Erasmus Institute for Business Economics consists of students, supporting employees, the Supervision Board and the director, prof. dr. Harry Commandeur. The students work together in the facilitating activities of EIBE, but also separately for prof. Commandeur and the operating companies involved. Their main functions are described below the photos, but all students are involved in the research of different themes. Enthusiastic students that want to join the team can always sign up. Send your motivation and CV to

Student assistants

Emilia Polvliet
Double Degree Student in  Business Administration & Law
Research assistant

Erik-Jan Hooiveld 
Student Economics & Business Economics
Research assistant

Director/secretary and Supervisory Board

Prof. dr. Harry Commandeur
Director and co-founder EIBE

Henri Slob
Secretary and junior researcher

Ard Jan Biemond
Secretary EETI on behalf of EIBE

Prof. dr. Bert de Groot
Chair Supervisory Board

Prof. dr. Philip Hans Franses
Member Supervisory Board

Prof. dr. ir. Benedict Dellaert
Member Supervisory Board

Directors of the involved enterprises

The Erasmus Institute for Business Economics serves business economic operating companies. An overview of directors of these businesses are listed below.

dr. Kristiaan Glorie
Director Erasmus Q-Intelligence

Prof. dr. Harry Commandeur
Director Erasmus School of Accounting & Assurance

drs. Celia Taia Boneco RA
Director Fiscaal Economisch Instituut

Prof. dr. Bert de Groot
Director Maritime Economics and Logistics

Emilie Huber
Director Erasmus Marketing Institute

Martijn Burger
Scientific Director EHERO

Guy van Liemt
Business Director EHERO

Jan Stolker
Director Erasmus Governance Institute

Supporting staff

Saskia van Dijk
Executive Assistant

Linda de Klerk
Project Controller

Marina van Driel