Erasmus Smartport Rotterdam BV (ESPR),

also known as the Erasmus Centre for Maritime Economics and Logistics (MEL), is an institute that offers post-academic, executive & in-house education in the field of Maritime Economics and Logistics.

The most important pillar of ESPR is the master in Maritime Economics and Logistics. This is a unique, international MSc course in which the participants learn to understand and analyse the complexity of the global maritime supply chains in a holistic and multidisciplinary way. The master prepares experts to make efficient decisions with modern economic tools.

Research and customized courses

Besides its academic programs, MEL does research and offers executive education. MEL-related researchers regularly publish in leading magazines and its employees present papers on conferences. MEL also does research for external organizations. Furthermore, research by students and PHD-candidates ensures more development of scientific knowledge.

MEL serves maritime organisations by offering suitable in-house education for management trainees and other staff members. Organisations can participate in the set-up of the curriculum, but it is always based on the scientific research of MEL.

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