Marketing & Strategy

The field of marketing is concerned with the positioning of services and products in a market. In order to have a chance of success, a clear strategy is required. Such a strategy is usually developed after market research has been carried out. Both of these topics are covered by the operating companies.

Market research
In market research, it is important to find out who potential customers are, what their preferences are, which market segments exist and who the main competitors are. Finding out who the competitors of a business are, also helps to determine what is unique in a company. With the consequent outline of the market, the modern business economist can determine where the company should be positioned in the market.

Market strategy
The positioning of services or products is of great importance for pricing and the channels of delivery and communication. Deciding on these matters is the responsibility of the Market Strategy department. This strategy also includes a clear vision on the future. An important question when drafting the market strategy is: which customers have been reached in a certain period of time and how much effort is needed to achieve this? To answer this question, it is imperative to know how the company distinguishes itself from its competitors.

Education and more

Enterprises with Marketing & Strategy-related activities:

ISAM (Institute for Sales and Account Management)
Unfortunately we have to inform you that the activities of the Institute for Sales and Account Management (ISAM B.V.) have been terminated as of July 1, 2018. Replacement is being worked on.

EQI (Erasmus Quantitative Intelligence)
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